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The Yoga Method – Some Notes to Self – September 2019

Sep 5, 2019 | Meditation, Practical Philosophy, Whole Life Yoga

Cutivate the medi-state as best you can.

Whenever you come away from the centre, patiently, kindly, invite yourself back to the centre.

Pay close, honest attention to what draws you away from the centre and what helps you stay centred.

Take full responsibility for your experience.

Recognise that how you meet life affects your experience.

Do what you are doing with all of yourself.

Make the action its own reward.

All the time.

Practice joyfulness.

Practice gratitude.

Practice presence and celebration.

Questions for inquiry

From Captain Bill Whorton from Acharn Cha:
Where am I in this?’

From Erich Schiffmann:
‘What’s the truth here really?’

From my own practice/investigation:

  • ‘Where am I acting from?’
  • ‘What is my motivation?’
  • ‘Why am I doing what I am doing?’

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