Yoga of the Whole
Human Being

Yoga is about the whole of our lives: everything we do, all we experience. Yoga is balance, integration, skilfulness and efficiency. Yoga practice is about cultivating sustainable harmony.

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Yoga Immersion

PRAGUE IMMERSION 15-17 Sept 2023

Immerse yourself in the deep, practical teachings of yoga: the way of Presence, Receptivity, Awareness and Gratitude, the platform for skilfulness and efficiency in all aspects of life. Experiential exploration of the time tested teachings of the Yoga Sūtra and Bhagavad Gītā through story and song, movement and meditation, communication and inquiry.

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Living the Yoga Sūtra-s
Live Online Immersion

This eight-month course offers a deep dive into the Yoga Sūtra, aiming to empower participants with its foundational teachings for practical application in daily life. The course consists of 30 interactive two-hour sessions, with presentations, discussions, and meditation exercises. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the text, thereby enriching their day-to-day lives and self-identity. Optional recitation practices and study resources are also provided.

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Working One-to-One
With James Boag

With James Boag’s Sage Sessions and Whole Life Yoga Mentoring, you have the opportunity to not only explore life’s questions and challenges but also to transform your overall well-being. Sage Sessions offer targeted, 70-minute consultations where you can explore yoga’s ancient teachings to find clarity and direction. The Whole Life Yoga Mentoring provides a long-term pathway for integrating yoga into every facet of your life, from building a deeper understanding of Sanskrit texts to enhancing sleep and harnessing creative energy. Both programs empower you to fortify your self-identity and cultivate a fulfilling, well-balanced life rooted in the enduring wisdom of yoga.

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