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Responsibility and The Invitation

Mar 11, 2022 | Musings

When we try to dominate another, we are at once denying, attacking and suppressing part of ourselves.

Brother, sister, you too are Mother Earth.
When a human being tries to dominate another, or tries to dominate nature, we are harming ourselves.

The dominator game is dying.

Life knows how to live.

Tyranny always fails, but it can still cause a lot of harm along the way to its inevitable doom.

It can be scary to look at the inconvenient, unpleasant truths, the ones that tell us we have been duped, that we have been negligent, blinkered, blind.

But truth always comes out.

Truth always prevails.

And it is True that neither women, nor the earth, nor any human being, are territory for conquest.

Those who think themselves conquistadores are deluding themselves, lining themselves up for a heavy dose of Truth, sooner or later, or sooner and later.

As a species, we have slumbered and allowed ourselves to be incarcerated in the ways of dominion for too long.

The ways of freedom and sovereignty can be intimidating. They require courage and responsibility.

But the ways of tyranny, of abdicating responsibility to false authority figures is collusion in a falsehood, is self-sabotage, is only putting off the pain of facing the Truth: that your life is your responsibility.

And as Leah Grossman once said to me: responsibility is not a burden, responsibility is the invitation to the embodiment of the wisdom you already carry.

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