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Jesus Christmas 2020

Dec 25, 2020 | Musings

In preparing for a recent satsang class on Jesus, I came out of meditation the morning of 12th December 2020 and wrote Jesus at the top of the page, this is what followed, you can listen to a recording on Soundcloud here: Jesus Christmas 2020

Prince of Peace
Jesus Lord of Lords
King of Kings
And He shall reign for ever and ever and ever and ever
Jesus, the Lamb of God
Jesus, the Lion of Judah
The Vine, the Cup, the Chalice, the Vessel

Christ the Saviour
Christ the Redeemer
The carpenter’s son
The original
The immaculately conceived
The original imprinting on the virgin leaf of our soul
The original,
before the original sin, which doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with us,
which doesn’t mean that there is anything intrinsic to be guilty about,
but which points to the original congealing of our essential self into this fleshly vehicle,
of our consciousness into the embodied form in which we can walk this path of rememering who we really are, and what we are really made of;
which points rather to what is known in Sanskṛt as avidyā, the partiality that comes as we begin the ways of veiling limitation, as we start to identify with the nature of our ever-changing bodily vehicle and the ever-changing manifest world we experience through it.

Jñānam bandhaḥ as the Śiva Sūtra reminds us.
Knowledge is bondage.
Knowledge limits us. Knowledge sets us free.

The battle
The battle of yoga
between truth and falsehood
between the light and the dark
between focus and dispersion
between attunement and distortion
between conscience and habit,
between conscience and habit;
Or we might say, between knowledge and knowledge,
Yes, between knowledge and knowledge
Between the knowledge that is clearsight, insight, revelation, and the knowledge that is only clinging partiality.

Jesus, the original, the origin, the original imprint of dharma in us.
The original imprint of dharma is in us.
Dharma, the action that supports the wellbeing of the whole,
that connects us to the essence of things,
that aligns and attunes us to conscience, and to cosmic rhythm and harmony.

Dharma is in us
Under the conditionings
Before the conditionings
Beneath the veilings

Where are we from?
Satya – ṛta – bṛhat – from the pulsating vastness of eternity we come
From unity, from pure, immaculate consciousness
From the pure, total merging of Śiva and Śakti,
of consciousness and its power
of God the Father and Goddess the Mother,
of God the Father and Mother the Goddess,
known by the Son, through the Son, with the Son
Known in the sun, the sun of centred consciousness, of centred awareness,
Knowable, here, in this embodied opportunity.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Light, So Jah Seh

The Path, the Way:
Overthrow the merchants’ tables
Cast out the evil spirits
Anneal yourself in the desert – if you want to be quick about it – anneal yourself in the desert
Then Christ yourself

Walk the way, the way of dharma
Take up your cross, the way of action that brings your unique gifts forth into this world, that truely, authentically embodies and manifests the particular gifts of spirit that you, you are the channel for,
the way that illumines reality more and more, yours and that of the whole of this planet.

Overthrow the merchants’ tables:
De-colonise your thinking, refine your culture,
Make it one of beauty, of honour, of nobility, of kindness.
Judge not, lest ye be judged.
Walk your way, your truth, your light, led by the pilot of your conscience.

Your conscience sovereign human being.
Remember, you, sovereign human being, you are the sovereign of your life.
Your light is your responsibility,
your light is your responsibility,
your life is your responsibility.
Your eye of the needle resides in the centre of your cross,
where shines the star of the light of your birth, your life, your spirit.
Be inspired now, take up, keep on this great adventure.

Cast out the evil spirits:
Make the lame walk, make the blind see, bring the seemingly dead back to life.
That is, id est, in other words:
Revive the original dharmic blueprint
Cast out those ‘evil’ spirits, in other words, cast out the blocking, asuric veiling, rākṣasic clinging to familiar habitual, limiting ways influences!
Cast out all of that, and make walk, set in stronger motion,
give greater traction to and build the inertia of the dharmic ways.
Heed the whispers of conscience.
Tune in to them, so they remain no more a whisper, but become a clear song.
Heed the whispers of conscience!

Make the blind see:
Make the blind see. Open your eyes and look within,
Invite the vision, the recognition,
Of the world in a grain of sand,
Of infinity in the palm of your hand
Of eternity in this hour, and of heaven in the wild, blooming flower of this your life
Of the spark pulsating in the very sap of this your incarnate life.

Open your eyes, and open all the miracuolous powers of your collective intelligence
and recognise more of who you are.
Again and again, keep looking in ways that reach beyond your habitual ways of looking.
Again and again, keep looking in ways that reach beyond your habitual ways of looking. Again and again.

And bring the dead back to life:
Bring the dead back to life,
the spark, the divinity is in you.
It always was. It always is.
Your origin and continuance.
Remember it. That power: that got laughed at, smacked at, beaten down, smothered, attempted to be diluted, ridiculed, bashed about, carelessly tossed aside, ground into the dirt, buried, left for dead.
And yet the ember never dies.
You cannot kill the spirit. The ember never dies. You cannot kill the spirit.
So cast away your fear, leave aside your doubt.
The miracle of spirit is an eternal Lazarus!
So rise. Rise! Like the beloved child of God you are, like the spirit that never dies.

Anneal yourself in the desert:
As I open my eyes and look inside, what do I find?
Beauty, majesty, power, magnificence, a light,
An undeniable light.
What else? What else does this light reveal?
Darkness, distortion.
Monsters, vicious monsters lurk in the neglected shadows and the concealed caves of my being,
in those secret recesses where are interred my woundings and their consequent empatternings.
Wounds that weep, that gape wide,
chinks in the armour of my chalice of spirit,
weak spots, susceptibilities, compromises in the integrity of the power of my field,

Leaks that perpetuate distortion, partiality and the clinging to the fearful ways that only exacerbate my ignorance, my suffering and my bondage.

This is the wilderness that cries out for invigoration with the spirit wind, fire, water of Life.
These are the darklands that need to be illumined and redeemed.
These are the unknown territories waiting to be transmuted.
For the monsters in these caves have sequestered, and harbour great treasure:
Gold, frankincense, myrhh;
As we commit to, as we patiently undertake the rehailitation project, we reclaim access to the glorious treasure that lies within.
And we regain fuller access to the eternal balm of spirit, to that which brings us into the lived knowing of the Peace that passeth understanding.

The peace that passeth understanding, in which we can stand, stable,
Aligned with the great star of conscience
Fearless in the face of the inevitable decay and demise of our bodily vehicle
and the inevitable sufferings that are part and parcel of this worldly way home.

The sufferings, the dark times that can prompt us back to the recognition of our deathless essence, of the Christ consciousness within.

From a stable, a stable foundation, around which the whole flock gathers with joyful wonder at the glory that is in our very midst, that always animates our heart of hearts, that pulsates in the core of our being, that knows how to channel and transmute the gifts of worldly, animate life so we can truly drink the cup,
savour the recognition of the spirit that never dies.

So, may we find the courage to Christ ourselves,
building our foundation on the stable ground of dharma,
of our deepest, most honest, most heartful way,
the way that truly honours the spark,
the embers, and tends the fire with loving, present care.

May we find the courage, the clarity, the commitment, to sing our own song, and bring ourselves home to the wholeness of the spirit we really are.

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